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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Electronic Revolutions @ Movement 2004, Detroit
Format: CD
Label: Alley Records (@)
I could not find anything about this album on the label website, which seems to be a CD duplication and recording house. The website that produced this festival,, has been down for at least a week or two for server migration. Overall, this compilation is not bad, but there is nothing on here that I would consider essential. There were only three bands that I recognized before getting this disc, so a lot of new artists here. Unfortunately, many do not seem to have a distinct voice and sound virtually indistinguishable. So let’s move on to the specific tracks. Entluften opens the compilation with decent techno with synth new wave feel and Backspace continues the dance-friendly music with lush synth and a heavy beat that reminds me of old school industrial dance music (in a good way). Chiasm creates a weird dissonance between growling and ethereal female vocals that was not really my thing, but interesting. Some beats mixed with atmosphere but not quite as dance friendly as the previous tracks. Life Toward Twilight lays down some heavy, slow, metallic tribal sounding drumming mixed with noisy atmosphere. I don’t know what the dancers were thinking when this happened, but I like it. I reviewed their disc in this batch of reviews and it was really good (it’s free for download, so the price is right). Delien is the first of several on this disc that graduated from the Venetian Snares school of spastic noisy beats. They do this style very well. Iszoloscope delivers the expected Ant-Zen style noisy beats, but with a heavy synth undercurrent. A little more old-school techno than I expected. He builds layer upon layer until it sounds like 4 songs going at once. Di_sect lays down some complex beats with some slowed down voices, but overall, this track just didn’t really stand out. Xanopticon provides more music from the Venetian Snares school of spastic beats. Not bad, but a bit thinit sounds more like a drum machine that is dying than a track. A bit too minimal for my tastes. Blaerg layers spastic beats over a flowing heavily processed acoustic guitar that would be at home on a Durutti Column album. Oddly peaceful and disconcerting at the same time. I liked it. Syne_lapse_variate is also a bit thin, but the beats are interesting. Not quite as spastic, but has some other elements weaving throughout that keep it from getting boring. OK, but not too engaging. Phallus Uber Alles provides one of the tracks that stood out. A nice groove with samples of a woman talking about being the future homemakers of America that shifts to heavy social commentary. The beat remains consistent – rather than the music shifting, it is the samples. Larvae’s track was also a bit too stripped down for my tastes, more like the foundation of a track than the track itself. Sound Extraction X lays down a nice groove with old school sounding beats but it went on too long. It sounds like a warm up track for a band rehearsal or a connecting track between two stronger tracks on an album. Necroplastic offers a short minimalist track with some light beats and a piano line. EclecticLiquid’s track is muddy, noisy, and distorted. It’s glitchy, like a techno track that has been completely overloaded, but it doesn’t really seem to fit on this compilation. Ghoulie ends the disc with an odd combination of bass line, cheesy casio synth, drum machine, and rapping. Not really my thing. Overall, this compilation is OK, but nothing on this disc makes me want to park it in the CD player for a long period of time. I’m sure that for those who were at the festival, it would be a good souvenir.

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