Music Reviews

Artist: Loss (@)
Title: I Kill Everything
Format: CD
Label: Spectre (@)
Rated: *****
Damn – this is some heavy stuff. Let’s start there. I loved the 3" disc "A Letter that will Never be Sent." This continues where that disc left off. From the very first track, "The Turning," you know that you are in for a heavy listening experience. Distorted vocals, some screams, and heavy synth lines bring in some of the best elements of the previous offering. This is a lot more varied than the previous disc though. The album has some moments of respiteparts of "Happy Ending?" and "A View From Afar" bring in elements of noisy ambience and are a bit less aggressive. "The Waste That Was To Be" has a nice beat that may even work on the dance floor (imagine if Skinny Puppy was a bit darker and more distorted). Weighing in at 17.24, "A Moment of Reflection" is the longest song on the album and probably the most blatantly personal track with spoken word interwoven throughout. This is by far the most powerful song on the album. With the words that he speaks on this track, you have to wonder just what it is that he felt needed to be obscured on the other ones. This is absolutely entrancing and hypnotic. It is difficult to imagine power electronics that engenders a sense of empathy for the performer, but here it is. If you are looking for feel good music, this is not it. This is some dark stuff, but not in the "power electronics songs about murdering hookers" kind of way. Loss explains that "Loss is a project created out of need for an outlet. A very personal experience for the man behind it, all material is forged from life experiences built around the concepts of love, hate, sorrow, or death." Perhaps it is the authenticity of emotion in this music (for the most part, the lyrics are unintelligible) that makes the darkness more palatable. After all, Loss is drawing on experiences that are fundamental to the human experience. Loss is quickly establishing himself as a rising star in the experimental scene, and rightfully so.

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