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69 Eyes: 26 March 2006

 Posted by Michelle Russo  United States  Edit (2774)
Jun 01 2006
Live Act(s): 69 Eyes
Event Date: 26 March 2006
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: House of Blues
Rated: *****
On March 12th, 2006 6 6 xx at the House of Blues in Chicago, I saw the 69 Eyes for the first time, one time is all I needed cause I am hooked now! I had just got done doing a full scale interiew with the singer Jyrki 69 who blew me away talking about his inspirations, American Pop Culture and 50's horror movies. Jyrki 69 came out with the rest of his band looking like a Gothic Johnny Thunders. All that was missing on stage was the hog to go with his attire. Sporting all skeletal Leather, Jyrki and his counterparts all looked like they were dressed for hell and hell wasn't for children but was for fashion. Jyrki 69 did all his hits from his newer album "Devils" and caught the attention of everyone with his devil hand gestures, perfect eyeliner and stage presence. Singing, "Who told you about cause and effect" and " My little Gothic Girl", every girl was crooning over him and I can guarantee, all pants and panties weren't dry, yes even the menwere taken aback. Jyrki 69 proclaims that Helsini Vampyres they are,and they all proven that with their power and expertise on rockin the house! What was most memorable for me, Jyrki 69 came out after the third song and dedicated "Christina Death" to me! I was so floored by this, I realized that I would be an indebted fiend to them. This song was dedicated for the love of the band Christian Death and about a girl (me) who loves the band so much that an ode should go to her. I realized from that point on that on top of doing a interview with him that I made a lasting impression and that he really reaches out to his fans. The rest of the night, Jyrki did songs from his older albums Framed in Blood", "Paris Kills," "Blessed Be" and" Wasting the Dawn", and the crowd chanted the words right back to him. He even did an ode to Brandon Lee called "Brandon Lee", singing, "what would it be behind the eyes of Brandon Lee" and his classic "The Lost Boys", singing "You wanna Rock, everyone's knows your lost". It was like a true vampyre family! Sentiment was all over the place and true fans were made that night! Helsinki Finland they come from and they are making their mark wherever they go! Check out the and get bitten.


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