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Artist: DIOXYDE (@)
Title: Social Phobia
Format: CD
Label: Dependent / NTP (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
The Spanish project DIOXYDE returns after 4 years in hiatus and a long time of health recovery after a bad accident with a motor bike. Being started as a duo, DIOXYDE did release back in 2002 their highly praised debut CD "Torschlusspanik" on the long-time defunct Dying Culture label. This debut got released earlier than things started to go mad with the new "fun" genre terms like "Hellektro" and related, and it can be surely called a classic of hard and dark Electro/EBM. Now working alone, finally Marco Calvo is able again after the mentioned accident to concentrate on his music an he has created here 10 tracks and he could add 3 remix works. The music is one of the finest kinds of hard ripping EBM/Dark Electro music, following strong the ideas and sounds of the big players like SUICIDE COMMANDO and AGONOIZE. It reminds me from it’s kind more on the older phases of SUICIDE COMMANDO, Marco mostly spins his tracks in mid-tempo, which gives enough free space for some rhythmical Powernoise influences. Therefor the favs can be found in "Cae La Pression" or the great played instrumental "Aftermath". There are of course some pure and massive floor fillers like "Words Of Judas" or the HOCICO-sounding "Vida Rota", which received an excellent remix by FEINDFLUG. Next to FEINDFLUG we have in AGONOIZE ("Invasive Therapy") and TACTICAL SEKT (Cae La Pression") known and notorious acts offering their remix abilities. Marco proves with this whole album that he is able to play as a solo artist, also the given mix between classical Dark Electro and stompy EBM assaults works well here. No real secret is also the long-time friendship from Marco to his alter ego Johan Van Roy aka SUICIDE COMMANDO, so this might to explain the contract between DIOXYDE and the new NTP label. So you get here one of the hardest, but also most worked out EBM/Dark Electro albums around, nearly in the quality and style, which "Torschlusspanik" has entered before. The names and references speak for itself - what are you waiting for...?

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