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Artist: LIFE CRIED (@)
Title: Drawn + Quartered
Format: CD
Label: NoiTekk (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****
After almost a year without any new release, the German NoiTekk label returns and presents us with this album of this act a newcomer to the scene. Hailing from the USA, this project marks the opener of a busy new NoiTekk year with several new releases like the long awaited new CD of TACTICAL SEKT as well as some debut releases of DIE SEKTOR and DAWN OF ASHES. LIFE CRIED made already a fine debut on the NoiTekk compilation release "United", so some of you have already an assumption what to expect. This act fits very well with current label program, they combine dark melodic synth layers with stomping dancefloor compatibility and use razorblade-sharp distorted vocals. It is tough and hard ripping EBM/Dark Electro music produced after scheme 08/15, some might think of... well, surprisingly not at all! I have to admit that I am pretty much impressed by its rude kind and "hard-in-ya-face" attitude. Although that the used and described elements are known and can be heard on related releases like TACTICAL SEKT or GRENDEL (the beloved label comrades...), I am astonished. Take the lyrics for example and you hear the biggest difference to comparable acts like AGONOIZE or RETRACTOR – LIFE CRIED don’t use them simple as an "instrument" – they have instead something to tell you. Next to this we have here some tracks which offer a deeper musically content by using more melodic elements ("Living Hell", "Burnt To Ashes") in between the aggression. Also the slower pieces ("Guardian", "Hallowed By The Name") can totally convince. Music which doesn’t take any prisoners, somewhere between LEXINCRYPT and the other mentioned artists here – new food for the short-hair rivetheads. Please also note the "beautiful" designed artwork by Davyd of Hive Records with some more clinical instruments than a bone saw. Go and storm your local CD dealer shop!

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