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Artist: DISMANTLED (@)
Title: Standard Issue
Format: CD
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
So here are my two cents on this release, although I think that mastermind Gary Zon will "not give a shit" on this. First of the facts: The third full length of Gary Zon’s project DISMANTLED is finally out. Long awaited, it got delayed since August 2005, because Gary decided to do some gigs in between, also backed up with the success of the previous released EP "Breed To Death". What this EP already announced became finally truth, DISMANTLED moved again a massive step forward regarding composition and production, although it still has to be proven if his new direction is the right one. Musically Gary has more lighten up his stuff than ever before, now more turning his direction towards to a soft EBM/Electro sound. It still has ist quality trademarks but it is far now far away from the stuff he created on his self-titled debut 4 years before. Some do remember, it was that hefty very depressive output of a newcomer which received euphoric reactions all over world. Compared to this massive apocalyptic release which is still until today not heard a second time, his new sound is more minimal – maybe a bit concentrating on the composition itself. Sure, here are some pearls as well, the opener "Anthem" for sure, which takes you on trip of about more than 6 minutes. I also enjoyed the remarkable melodic input of "Get It Through" and "No Effect" is mostly the opposite of it by including more rough and alternative drum patterns and some noisy layers. "Breed To Death" of course has to be placed here on this album, luckily again in a renewed version. The title track comes only with Gary’s fragile sounding voice and a smooth piano input, until my favorite takes place, "Attention" which spins perfect the right balance between dancefloor comparability and remarkable melodic content. What I wanna like to criticize (yeah Gary, again a term of this review on which can call me just another retarded elitist...): there are out in the international Electro/Industrial scene a lot of better singers than Gary actually is – therefore I find his efforts especially in rather minimal tracks like the title track courageous. Also his tendency to talk bad on things near to him through his statement "I made it so I could make fun of everything around me because I realized how STUPID everything was. I’m much better than all of it", is a kind on which I hope that it can be taken with the needed portion of humor. Everything here is almost done by Mr. Perfect..., uuhmm, Mr. "Two Words" – well, arrogance comes before the fall...

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