Music Reviews

Title: Arcane Matter
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: Crash Frequency
Rated: *****
Here we have another act hailing out the unknown badlands of Australia, the solo project THE PROCESS VOID leaded by Alex J. Also this act is part of the Australian Crash Frequency (, thanks again and ROCK on, Karl!!!) and this community grows stronger and better, also with this release under their flag. Alex describes his music being influenced by classic Industrial acts, PUPPY, FLA, but guitar-driven stuff like KILLING JOKE, and I personally would like to add a portion TEST DEPT to this reference. The truth lays somewhere in between, musically THE PROCESS VOID combine minimal EBM/old school Industrial inspired bass lines with rough vocal screams (not really the fine kind of singing...), solid bass kick and snare drum patterns ("Retributions, "Seconds") and some synth layers ranging between melodious and atonal. Also some guitar noises can be heard here and there mostly placed in the background. This is in all a very rough and not fainthearted style of Independent/Underground music. The later placed tracks turn also more and more into a noise and trash experiment, the long running final piece called "Book Titles" for example ends into a total noise climax, that’s why I took TEST DEPT to be a possible reference. The whole CD convinces through its experiental undertone and its aggressive kind generally, plus it doesn’t sound like anything discovered before. This project is definitively on a good way and I’m looking forward to hear more from it. Check out this interesting but hard to pick up release through the given sources here.

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