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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: American Gigolo II - Mixed Compiled By Abe Duque
Format: CD
Label: Gigolo (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****

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After the first chapter of the American Gigolo series and after Tiga here it is volume two that contains twenty one tracks compiled, mixed and sometimes remixed by Abe Duque. Abe picked up tracks from the Gigolo catalogue spanning from #86 to #181 (only Jeff Mills’"Shifty disco" is older as it was included into Gigolo #2). He did a good work as he didn’t present them "as they are" because, where needed, he pumped a bass, added a vocal, etc. In this way he created a massive dj set with a great impact by focusing the first half selection on electro techno (Foremost Poets, Crack We Rock, Abe Duque, Psychonauts, Freaks to name few). With Felix Da Housecat remix of P.Diddy’s "Jack U" (the central section) the atmosphere changes from electro influenced tunes to pure acid/techno (with Terence Fixmer, Traxx & Deecoy, Jeff Mills and Richard Bartz). The effect created by this radical change is of a sudden lack of melody. The atmosphere changes again with David Carretta just to close with an 80’s electro house track thanks to The Dominatrix. I found the first half of AMERICAN GIGOLO II really solid and intriguing but on the second half the acid took an hold all in a sudden and this ruined the tracklist that was running smoothly. This compilation is worth a listening and no one can stop you by listening to the two sections separately and digging the CD anyway...

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