Music Reviews

Artist: Love Sessions
Title: 2
Format: CD
Label: prikosnovenie (@)
Distributor: audioglobe
Rated: *****
After the first Love Session, with the help of Daemonia Nymphe and Lys and their European tour in 2002, Louisa John-Krol and Francesco Banchini (GOR) recorded in France in Prikosnovenie Studio this second volume. This musical meeting has been managed by Prikosnovenie in the medieval city of Clisson.The 2 musicians composed together 16 tracks directed again by Lys(Frederic Chaplain ). The atmosphere is heavenly with a real focus on Louisa's exquisite voices and Francesco Banchini's mystical instrumentations. Another time the music lambs Mediterranean, Provencal and Celtic lands in remote ages. The French harp of Mandragora added to the melancholic clarinet, mandolin, percussion and drums give to the work a touch of middle East. At last another great album from this French label. Like bonus on the cd there are 20 minutes of video includes live concert of the 2002 Love Sessions tour, scenes of the recording of Love Sessions 2, an interview with Louisa and Francesco. The multimedia element of the CD also includes full credits and lyrics.

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