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Title: Berlin Moon
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Pale Music (@)
Rated: *****
BERLIN MOON is a hell of a release and if I tell you so, it should be enough to purchase it. Since I’m good and I want to do my work the right way, I’ll tell you something more. The two tracks you can find here, reworked by eight different people of the European and American dance scene, were part of a two track limited 7" released by Punx Soundcheck’s label Icon Series. The tracks are by Punx Soundcheck themselves and see in a very good shape Marc Almond on vocals. Lately Marc is working with different djs producing good electro stuff and he someties is also djing around the world (he visited Torino during the Olympic Games for a dj set at the Palazzo Nuovo University). On this release you won’t find the original tunes (since the single is out of print you can find them on the compilation "Berlin insane III" and on the first album "When machines ruled the world" by Punx Soundcheck that will be released anytime soon by Pale Music) but five versions of "Vanity, poverty, revenge" and three of "Neo burlesque" by Punx Soundcheck, Miss Yetti, The Scandals, Mount Sims and Alex Stark for the first and Replicant, Lotterboys and Terranova for the latter. Every version is a blast but check out these ones first: Punx Soundcheck (they reworked a little bit the original electro version), Miss Yetti (she gave to it a minimal techno treatment), The Scandals (they did of it a punk electro gem), Mount Sims (which kept the basic melodic lines to do a minimal electro intriguing tune) and Replicant (he already collaborated with Mr. Almond, see my review of their "Face Control E.P." and he did a good version of "Neo burlesque" with pumping rhythms and acid sounds). I told you... a hell of a release!

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