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Artist: TANKT (@)
Title: Club Life
Format: CD
Label: Static Sky Records (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Originally self-released, later on licensed and marketed to the US-based Static Sky Records, this the already fourth release by this Melbourne-based Australian duo. Also they are permanent and active members of the Australian Crash Frequency community ( TANKT, consisting of the duo Dave Foreman (music) and Roberto Massaglia (vocals), provide a well produced Electro/Industrial album mixing the elements between EBM, Synth Pop and Futurepop with well thought lyrics full of social and politically criticism. To fit with the title "Club Life" (the cover art doesn’t fit with the title, note – these are not dancing people...) they made no break between the tracks from 1 to 4 as well on the tracks 7 to 10. Mixed in between are some more experimental arranged tracks, especially "The Storms Of Beslan" reminds me on some old KLINIK stuff. This of course can be named diversity and it shows that this band has the abilities to offer satisfying results taken out of several styles of Electronic-based music. Their critically acclaimed piece "Bush On Fire" is also available here and please note also the special and very personal content in "Night Ride" dedicated to Roberto’s died father. As I said, this album is extremely professional produced and it is no real wonder, that it got picked up by Static Sky, although that this promising US label is now in hiatus. Check out the Crash Frequency website, or check back the DSBP website in the USA ( to get it right now.

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