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Artist: INTRASONIC (@)
Title: At The End
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is self-produced but yet very professional release of another new talent out of the Australian Crash Frequency community ( The band is leaded by Toby Craig and hails from Fremantle, somewhere based in West-Australia. Musically they play a kind of well produced Electro/Industrial, here and there mixed with some guitars. A possible comparison could be named in the well known US acts SPAHN RANCH to the "The Coiled One" phase, while it should be said, that Toby doesn’t reach the same brilliant results for the sound of his voice like Athan Maroulis. Nevertheless he is a talented vocalist as well and he doesn’t need to come along here tons of FX to re-strange his voice. INTRASONIC added some more diversity in the arrangements, also a real experimental dark Electro piece combined with some rough rhythm programmings can be heard in the title track of this CD. Favorites well designed to hit the dancefloors of the dark and alternative clubs can be named here with starter "Sanctuary" and moreover "As Pitch As Black". At the later part of this CD INTRASONIC also slow down the speed of some tracks and they add some more classic instruments like a piano to their tracks (the very emotional "Adore", or the gloomy "Miss You" for example...). This is a more than convincing release of a new talent from Australia and I can only recommend to discover them somehow. Use the given contacts to the Crash Frequency community here or check back the website of the band. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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