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Title: Dead Or Alive
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Another Claus returns here and the rising Alfa Matrix label seems to have a special fable to release old school stuff for the elders. Again a veteran release of the well known German act PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, giving the audience a kind of special "Best of..." compilation. Not just a simple compilation, because Claus Kruse has worked hard in his studio to create for all relevant classics a special revamped 2006 version. This is a special "Thank You" for all of his fans and a special release for all new listeners which tried hard to get stuff via internet auctions of this band. His scene hits like "Das Ritual", "Kill The 6", "Reduction" or "Gold" received a completely new sound design, and the globally result is satisfying for both, supporters of the new style as well as old school lovers. Not all of the new versions do it right for me personally (the "Smalltown Boy" cover version of BRONSKI BEAT, or "Reduction"...), I still prefer the mood and identity of the original recordings. You’ll also find here a few rare to get live recordings for hits like "Kill What Kills You" or his cover version of THE KLINK’s "Moving Hands". Also to find here are three special remix versions done by the new Alfa Matrix signing TECHNOIR, Claus’ special friends from Hamburg SERPENTS and from CYSONIC. Please note that there is also available a special DCD edition of this release featuring on the second CD the real "Best of..." and some very hard to find B-sides and rare recordings. Act soon and try to get this limited edition item which is a valuable and historically important release.

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