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Apr 21 2006
Artist: MC1R (@)
Title: Exophtalmus
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is the new full length and self-produced release by the German Electro/Industrial musician Nick Jonath, better known under his band project MC1R. He has made himself already a good name through some promising compilation appearances and some good reviewed remix works for different acts like OBJECT or FINAL SELECTION for example. Still strange to me is the fact that unfortunately no serious label has made a try to sign this promising Dark Electro act. Disregarding the fact that Nick could investigate some more time and effort into his coming out, his music is well produced enough to beat some established acts. Musically mainly inspired by Dark Electro music made in the USA leaded by the big names like MENTALLO & THE FIXER to their "Revelations 23"-times, G.G.F.H., or his German partner in crime, OBJECT, Nick presents us here 15 Dark Electro pearls which will leave you astonished. This is no minimal Body music, also no hunt to follow any trendy styles. Nick describes his stuff himself as "Intelligent Splatter-Electro". Thick melodic Synth layers, dark samples, heavy restranged vocals and a wide complexity in arrangements and rhythm programmings, yes – the "North-American" factor is rich present here. MC1R can be easily taken to satisfy all fans of this genre, especially when acts like the already mentioned MENTALLO & THE FIXER present uninspired stuff. It’s only a pity that he hasn’t received until now the well deserved success and response. If the mentioned music style is yours, you should immediately pick up this promising act and order his releases. Check also out the new Interbreeding VIII compilation of BLC Productions (, which features a remix of MC1R for the US-act FUNCTION 13...

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