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Artist: Angel Theory (@)
Title: Re-Possession
Format: CD
Label: GUP / Endless Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
The Australian Electro/Industrial musician Charles Fenech returns with his second full length CD, again released under the GUP label and licensed to Europe to the German Endless Records. He goes on with his known style, playing a kind of EBM with some well balanced melodic input and some Dark Techno hints. Think about the early INFORMÄTIK as a possible reference, this could somehow work as a comparison to describe his music. It is one of the albums which can be heard from the first to the last track without any lack of quality. Charles’ composition abilities are tremendous, he always tries hard to create remarkable but still dark Synth layers to give his tracks a strong recognition. He also has learned well to include his voice ranging from clear ("Breathe") to diabolic rough ("I Feel Disease"). His bass lines are almost straight and very linear filled in, this gives the tracks a strong European influence. It is for sure not the hardest EBM around, but I enjoyed his efforts a lot. Less aggression is definitively more here. The main track of his last EP "Black And Blue" is also available here, another "hit" candidate could be the track "Human". Also his collaboration track with the US Powernoise act TERRORFAKT called "No Frequency" is included. Some tracks like "Witness", "Possession" or the last very dark piece "Horizon" are slowing down the tempo and have a stronger dedication to the dark melodic content. Two instrumental piece, both different in style and arrangement are featured as well. This release offers a great quality Electro/EBM/Industrial music not like anything else. It should and must be heard by a wider audience and I wish Charles the best for this. Please note that also ANGEL THEORY is a member of the Australian Crash Frequency community ( Buy this release, you can’t go wrong with it!

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