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Artist: KLUTĘ (@)
Title: Hit'n'Run
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
The output of the Danish mastermind Claus LEÆTHER STRIP Larsen finds no sudden end, only three months after the LS DCD "After The Devastation" and only one month after the KLUTÆ returning EP he releases this full length album. If this all will end sooner or later in a total overkill has still to be proven. His fan base should be strong enough to be happy with a new release of the master at all three months. Also a new LEÆTHER STRIP EP with six new tracks and a few remix works is again in preparation... But back to this release, the new KLUTÆ CD goes on with that style and work how the "Sinner" EP has already started. The symbiosis between the typically LEÆTHER STRIP-like bass lines, some well melodic synth layers and the hefty guitar riffs works well once again. But against the early works of this side-project – to that days where KLUTAE was named KLUTE – this project has lost its aggressive mood. Everything is a bit calculated here – at the earlier days it was more Punk-ish, well maybe more into pure sound anarchy. So I am not sure if the MINISTRY or any else hardcore guitar listeners will really dig this, because it is definitively more LEÆTHER STRIP-infiltrated. Nothing against the banging hard stuff tracks like "Fuck-a-Billy" or the "Desert Storm 2006" reconstruction version – but especially the cover of NEW ORDER’s "Blue Monday", "Please Don’t Cry" or "God Bless You" offer only a few KLUTÆ attitudes. So you’ll get an impressive KLUTÆ full length which appeals as well to the fans of LEÆTHER STRIP. Hopefully the overkill I’ve mentioned will never come true...

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