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Apr 21 2006
Artist: CELLULOIDE (@)
Title: Bodypop
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
BODYPOP is the new release by Celluloide, a French trio that started their activity on early 2000s. After several E.P.s and a couple of albums, they decided to move a step forward into their style and the result is represented by the five new songs of this MCD (there’s also a sixth song, a remix of "I am fine" reworked by Ciëlo). If the vocal style hasn’t changed that much (Darkleti use her detached style of singing since day one) the music has taken some influences from a certain techno electro dance (see Vitalic or Miss Kittin) but always having a song structure without being distracted by the acid attitude of some dance scenes. In this way tracks like the opening "People like me", "Audio therapy" or the following "I am fine" show a danceable attitude really catchy where the analog sounds are free to create interesting layers of melody. Even if the vocal style isn’t always functional for the immediate enjoyment, after a couple of listening the band sound succeed into breaking the barriers of preconceptions showing all its potential.

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