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Title: Nightly Terrors
Format: CD
Label: Trinity Records
Rated: *****
I generally try not to review cds that I think are really bad, but there are times when duty calls and you can't avoid it. Well, out of the Penitent-related batch on Trinity Records, this cd by Arcane Art (Karsten Hamre and Ciprian Pastragus) is surely the worst one. It opens with "Amore Morte", a mix of triumphant drumming and keyboards patterns, which unfortunately gets swamped in a repetitive tune (that is, repetitive in a boring way), and, most of all, clearly betrays one of the main defects of this cd, i.e. an annoyingly flat production and mixing. There are genres which could even benefit from lo-fi recordings, but symphonic dark ambient is definitely NOT one of those - and "Nightly Terrors" sounds like a barely acceptable demo. But besides that, there's also a lack of ideas and taste, as in the basic synth swoosh of "Interlude" or the equally primitive programming of "Sell Your Soul" and the abrupt cut of "Morbid Ana". Let's say that Penitent's cd wasn't exactly memorable or sparkling with new ideas, but it worked alright; Arcane Art, on the contrary, is truly below average.

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