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Artist: DANIEL LENTZ (@)
Title: on the leopard altar
Format: CD
Label: Cold Blue Music (@)
Rated: *****
Who's Daniel Lentz? judging "the book by the cover", ergo, by the high standard of the cd (plus a visit on his personal website), I guess this composer is in the midst of his composing-maturity. "On the leopard altar" begins with a contemporary composition that probably pays tribute to the minimalism-serialism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, above all that's the impression given by the "loop effect" of the keyboards and vocals connection. If that association is for real when analyzing the first and the fourth track, the mood brings close to Glass' Koyaanisqatsi. "Lascaux" maintains an enchanted tone but the astonished listener is immediately forced into a minimal-ambient-"new age alike" (!?) environment...and don't worry, here "new age" doesn't stand for "relaxing and boring". Indeed the music is quiet but I'd say it goes much deeper sounding: "karma-relaxing" and therefore not just your average "after-work-music-to-calm-the-nerves-of -poor-white-upper-class-big-town-citizens". The title track has the shape of a real song, at last isn't it true that many minimalist composers speak about a common pop/folk root?. The requiem is really inspired, but it happens quite often when classic musicians deal with the "final departure" I don't know Debussy enough to say if it's true this music is so influenced by his works as they write, the only thing I know for sure is that the sound is contemporary for real. Giving a look at his personal website I've noticed Lentz's canvases paint rightly his music: warm, simple and relaxing.

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