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Artist: Francky Brown
Title: New Slogan
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Ozore Age / Play It Again Sam (@)
Distributor: Toolbox records
Rated: *****
Immagine what a drum'n'bass record mixed by Sam Sever would sound like and you probably get a vague idea of what this category-elusive fella' sort of sounds like... Guitar player/DJ/programmer Franck Guillotin (previously with Black Maria and also known as BJQ/Brown Jurnior Quartet) teamed up with Dj Monolythe (scratching away on the tables) and packed up this "New Slogan for Hip Hop and Jungle" CD, that (you guessed!) features a mixture of Chuck D-ish hip hop grooves, Tricky-ed out jungle vibes, twisted Bad Brains-inspired reggae/ragga elements, Mind Power-referencing acid jazzy sounds and MC-ing that might easily remind you of Cypress Hill's nasal monotone rhyming or Jamalski's jamaican/american-style on some of the tracks. Interestingly enough all of this still comes wrapped in and around Francky's experience on the six strings, with slick licks and sneaky riffs camouflaged between these urban sounds and fast-paced chill beatz. This is (and better be!) the new hip hop generating rising up!

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