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Artist: A Million Billion (@)
Title: Today We Love You
Format: CD
Label: Filthy Schoolgirls (@)
Rated: *****

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Ryan Smith is a Brooklyn-based (hey neighboor!) laptop artist who has lent his skills to the like of The Silent League, Mogami, Stars Like Fleas, Public Enemy among others, before deciding to invest his time into a solo project that he called A Million Billion. His debut record, "Today We Love You", which follows his completely different sounding mostly acoustic EP "The Filthy Schoolgirls" (feat. Joan Wasser of Rufus Wainwright band and Kevin Thaxton of The Silent League), is a freaky orgy of sounds and beats that comprises crazed arcade videogame-like sounds and saturated zapping synth lines, merging in and out of each other at the speed of merciless and continuously interrupted cut & pasted rhythmical structures that add a dense sense of frenziness to the entirely frantic atmosphere... At times in the record, the whole thing lays back for a minute and takes a breather by utilizing some less schizophrenic compositions and even occasionally introducing vocals and guest musicians Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas, The Silent League), Jeff Snyder (Scattershot), David Nemerson and Megan McCoy. If you are familiar with artists such as 1L (on RES FREq recordings), Next Life (Cock Rock Disco), A Bit Crusher (Unschool records), Satanicpornocultshop (Sonore rec) or if you like the most brutal and least refined of Richard James' creations or, even better, if enjoy Squarepusher, Puzahki, Xiu Xiu, and stuff like that, you might find that A Million Billion is tailored to your CD collection!

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