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Title: Murder Of A Girl
Format: CD
Label: Silver Echo Music
Rated: *****

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After their first album released back into 2004 for Nilaihah Records, Blind Faith And Envy decided to quit that label and to work on their new album starting their own label Silver Echo Productions. They worked hard and after two years of writing and tweaking, the band finally released MURDER OF A GIRL. On the new album the band changed slightly their style adding a dark element that wasn’t present in their sound (check "Silver echo inside" for example). Another difference that I noticed is a certain song writing maturity and the will of creating songs with different styles: if "Smallest rewards", "Secret affair" or "Dirty town" are electro synthpop pumping and catchy songs, "Orchid", "Water and land" and "Murder of a girl" are melancholic ballads with seducing arrangements. If I was them I'd turned the melancholic ballads into the style of "Write to stay", but only because I’m not a romantic person and I prefer when a ballad has got a bitter taste. When you purchase a copy of MURDER OF A GIRL I’ve also direct access to a website section where you can download exclusive songs: "Just like anyone" and "Lock box" from the MURDER OF A GIRL sessions, "Fallen" from "The charming factor sessions", the unreleased instrumental "End well" and the duo first song ever recorded, titled "The lights are going out".

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