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Artist: Rapoon
Title: Alien Glyph Morphology
Format: DVD
Label: Caciocavallo
Distributor: Soleilmoon
Rated: *****
Rapoon, a.k.a. Robin Storey, has been releasing records after records for over a decade, but until now he has kept his film-making pretty much to himself and the only visual contribution he has shared with us was in the form of paintings on the covers of some of his releases.This DVD seems to be the perfect medium to showcase all his talents, because of how they all come together: "Alien Glyph Morphology" features six of his short movies made with montage, slides and slow-motion techniques and of course musically supported by his haunting and droning dark-ambient compositions. The movies don't really have a storyline per say, they are much rather a show of ancient (or alien) looking geoglyphic shapes and colors, slowly morphing into each other, hence the perfect title. In addition to that, Storey also included 20 tarot cards featuring his paintings and finally the DVD extras feature two slide shows and a very short film, all, again, an offspring of Storey's infinitely creative mind.A complete artist with a complete vision that thanks to modern mediums can finally be shared as one.Region Free NTSC. Enjoy.

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