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Title: ihbaiklhikö
Format: CD
Label: Einzeleinheit (@)
Rated: *****
Damn, the world is not always round as it looks, this cd is not definitely the kind of music I would have expected from Einzeleinheit, but it's good to see you don’t have to take anything for granted. Robert Neitheler plays electronic music with a rhythmical edge and with a crippled feeling for abstract melodies, I think if it would get improved a bit and with an addiction of more rhythmical asymmetries "ihbaiklhikö" wouldn't be that far from some releases on Planet Mu. The most of the sound made me think to analogic sources processed through a laptop, Neitheler keeps the beat going on and rhythm is the main thing on which these six tracks are fixed (but some acid melodies appear every once in while). The beat in many case gets even hypnotical or acid (track 4 and 5), therefore take the "Rave is on!" as a direct consequence of this mixture, at last I think also Afx wouldn't dislike this idea. Even if that's not properly 80's influenced electronic music there are some reminiscences of those sounds, but at the same time this product probably owes much more to the rave culture than to Warp records' back catalogue. I don't say the melody is completely absent from this record but I'm sure this electronic musician is much more into "dance till you drop", at the same time he likes to move the rhythmical ground that you walk upon. Not always incisive but interesting.

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