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Artist: ERAST
Title: Cyberpunk
Format: CD
Label: Laboratory Instinct (@)
Rated: *****

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After the release of two EPs on Laboratory Instinct, Erast release his first album titled CYBERPUNK for the same label. Behind a title that isn't that original there's something more than a mere exercise of technologic sounds/subjects. Nika Machaidze thought the different tracks as steps of a game. The rules/explanations are described into the opening track "Cyberpunk" where the guest narrator George Dzodzuashvili (aka Gogi.Ge.Org and Post Industrial Boys) explains how the game has been conceived while in the background there's a sort of main theme. "Het" opens the dances with its mixture of breakbeat and electro lounge where piano chords duet with vocal cut ups and frenetic rhythms. The following "Raindrops on my window" see strings that duet with synths and rhythms. "NLQ" is more relaxed and it creates a soft ambience. "Dimpiatauri" sounds jazzy and lounge blinking an eye to i.d.m. "Influtusa" mix gentle pizzicato strings with rhymths. The different tracks creatively mix orchestrations with multi layered rhythmic sections creating particular moments of intelligent electronic. Listening to the tracks there's a certain cinematic sensation: it's like they are part of an aural slide show that dynamically represent different moments of a common theme. A CD that deserve your attention and that needs your attention to be fully appreciated.

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