Music Reviews

Title: Exceed
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Distributor: Triton
Third record (11 tracks, 48 minutes) for this Belgian trio, formed by Johan Peeters (guitards and vocals), Erik Duffeler (lead vocals) and Tom Simons (synths, programming and vocals). TVOT's tracks are a blend of typical gothic rock songs and an electro backbone with upbeat programmed drumming. Some tracks lean more on the dark side of their spectrum, some others on the rhythmic/dance one - "Alone in the Shower" is even closer to flat out techno than to electro/EBM. The opening track, "Exceed", has also some Indian melodies thrown in which are then developed in the instrumental ethno trip-hop remix which closes the work. Pretty standard layout without much fantasy, Reinlender 1977 has done much better in other works.

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