Music Reviews

Artist: Black Ice (@)
Title: Terrible Birds
Format: CD
Label: Hungry Eye Records (@)
Rated: *****
Black Ice "Terrible Birds" has a predominantly older goth-rock/punk vibe going on with vocals reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux crossed with one Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons). On a number of tracks they try to dive into a more experimental sound with less contemporary song structures and I say try because, ultimately, I feel like the results are often a little boring and redundant. This is a frustrating release because I hear the potential for a more than competent band creating interesting songs but these songs lack any strong characteristics or hook to separate themselves from one another. Usually about a minute into each track I was ready to hit the forward button on my player. The tracks on their own are OK but when drawn together into a cohesive package, things just get sloggish. All of this is only worsened due to sub-par engineering. The CD just isn't recorded well. Most of the sounds are flat and lack luster. Again, aggravating because a good engineer and producer would have been able to get these guys and gals over the hump of mediocrity and been able to push them into a truly interesting direction. Is it bad? No. Not by any means and it's often interesting. Is it good? Well... it could have been great. As it stands, it's OK. I do look forward to the next release from Black Ice... hopefully it'll be tweaked *just* a little more than "Terrible Birds". Stand out tracks: "The Stillness" and "In Winter".

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