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Title: Signal
Format: CD
Label: Dercho Music
Boshetunmay is the project of two Siberian brothers, Harry (vocals, lyrics) and Witali Dercho (guitar and piano-player, music writer, producer) who have been living in West Germany since 1993 and formed the band two years later. They released an eponymous demo-tape in 1998, a debut cd-ep ("Useless Life", 2000), a promo cd single ("Vote for the Black", 2001), and then this second full length (11 songs, 48'). Their press sheet defines their music "electro-rock with gothic, wave, dance and metal influences", which sums it up pretty well. Let's say there's a heavy dose of gothic and darkwave ("The Shame", "Lullaby", "Is anyone?", "Corporation of dreams"), often mixed with lighter "rock" parts, and a prominent electronic background in the programmed beats - these give an upbeat rhythm to the tracks, sometime verging on electro ("Vote for the Black") or dance ("A clod in your throat").

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