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Artist: TWZ
Title: The Sixth Extinction
Format: CD
Label: Deathpropaganda Records (@)
Distributor: Plutonium Distribution
Rated: *****
With Deathpropaganda Records we welcome a new Swedish label on the map of Experimental/Electro/Industrial music. TWZ, a shorten term for Time Wave Zero, are presenting their debut musically mainly based into the Dark Electro field with an experimental background. It is a bit hard to find a comparable act somehow and I got the feeling that TWZ try hard to figure out their special sound away from current trends. Some influences of acts of ALLIED VISION are present, maybe less aggressive and bombastic. Definitively a release which needs some more rotations to grow on you, but for sure worth to check out. Favorites can be found with the KLINIK-like "Deathwing" and the stompy "Certain Death". The only flaw can be named in the kind how this duo works on the vocals and how they get effected – it wouldn’t be wrong to fill in some clearness for a better understanding. The artwork is outstanding, a high glossy art filled with lyrics, photos and lots of info – very well done, especially for a newcomer. The label Deathpropaganda could also lately find an agreement with the known Swedish Plutonium Distribution, so that this and all their upcoming releases will present well and available in better conditions. Definitively a release to pick up, but you have to give it some patience until it can convince. The band works already on new stuff and a first piece can now be heard on the new "Plutonium Showcase Vol. 2" compilation.

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