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Artist: HAWAII8 (@)
Title: self-titled
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Stuprobrucio (@)
Rated: *****
A good two song release with an early isolationist approach, this project coming from Italy respects strictly the idea of the early isolationist-post-shoegaze musicians. The sounds emerging from the fog made of distant reverbs and wide renge delays are not dark and not even obsessive, the idea is much closer to the music of Main, Aura and also to the Kranky's cult combo Stars of the lid. Speaking about the last comparison I'd say the taste for that avant texan psychedelia married with shoegazing reverbed pools of harmony is more or less similar to that of mr McBride. While listening this two tracks I got the impression it tends to get a bit boring but honestly it's the same impression I've had with some Windy and Carl relases and also with Dead Texan or Growing; Hawaii8 is definitely good above all considering that's a self produced cdr. I think the next step for many musicians obsessed with that sort of Kranky-sound is to go beyond the mere melodic-drone concept and to start working on structures and arrangements (Godpseed You Black Emperor) or with a "concretization" (what a neologism...I hope you get it) of the sound (like in many field recording -melodic releases). Good.

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