Music Reviews

Artist: SAVANT GARDE (@)
Title: Mother Brain
Format: CD
Label: Dungeon-Recordings (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Again a debut release, this time for the Dungeon Recordings label. A bit surprising maybe, because this release presents a music besides the known styles of acts like LITTLE SAP DUNGEON or PCP. Lets say this are sound collages consisting of more or less experimental samples, noises and weird arrangements. It is not very straight and so far away from that EBM/Electro/Industrial related stuff which I normally get here. At times it is just pure sound anarchy, and I miss the special thing which makes this act remarkable and what could give me the hint to follow this. So this is hard to get compared somehow and it leaves my musically horizon. Also informations regarding this artist are hard to get, no real website, so please contact Dungeon Recordings for some info. I for instance will leave this review without a rating, because this wouldn’t be fair to the artist and I personally have still to learn, how to handle with this "music"...

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