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Artist: The Infant Cycle/Jared Davison
Title: Periodical I
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: The Ceiling
Rated: *****
Ceiling, an Ontario, Canada-based experimental label, is the creative font whence cometh this nifty little 3" limited edition CD EP, shared by the two indicated artists. A seemingly arrythmic but irresistible patter of tribal electro-noise pops draws you into a compelling track one (The Infant Cycle's "Unrelated Work Tapes"), while ominous, minimal rumblings from the bowels of an infernal factory chug and churn throughout track number two (Davison's "Phonography").

All you get are only the two tracks, which is a letdown, partly because these are way more pleasing to the ear than anything I have thus far heard by the Hafler Trio, to name one. Another disappointment is that the tracks average only six minutes apiece, and by the time each one finishes, the appetite is barely whetted. These two admittedly similar crypto-noise artistes are on to something, and more, if not longer, pieces by each would have made this EP essential and not merely collectible.

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