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Title: Eternal Frost
Format: CD
Label: Umbra
Rated: *****
Netherworld's "Eternal Frost" was released in 2004 by Gianluigi Gasparetti's Umbra, so it's older than "Otherworldly Abyss" and "Six Impending Clouds", the two cds I raved about a couple of months ago. This could explain why this cd is a bit less mature than the aforementioned ones, while still maintaining an excellent quality level. As I wrote in the previous reviews, Netherworld's isolationist ambient has been a perfect soundtrack for this snow-heavy winter. The ultra-slow and rarefied drones that Tedeschi generates using synths, field recordings and voice, have the same mind bending effect of staring at a never ending snowfall. And while "Before me, the Eternity" adds some faint melodies to these deserted soundscapes, titles like "Hallucinations in fog", "The glaciers beast" or "Gliding down a frosty hell" are indeed accurate to describe the respective atmospheres. Take my rate only as a comparison with the following more refined releases, as this cd easily buries many standard dark ambient releases around.

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