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Title: Luna Parc Hotel
Format: CD
Label: Angelika Koehlermann (@)
Distributor: Monkey, Universal, Brokensilence
Rated: *****
Olivia Louvel is a trained singer that on year 2003 decided to start her own project. Since then she worked at her first album with her laptop and the Mbox running Pro tools, an old generation Yamaha PS 20, a cupboard big enough to record her voice where she put a little soundman microphone, a mini disc, etc. She accessed for ten days to the Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode, Recoil) studio in Sussex with Paul Kendall on production and additional programming (he's a famous producer that worked mainly with Mute. He also produced four "Parallel Series" album for Mute and then other titles for 0101). The duo already collaborated in 2003 as Digital Intervention and they recorded the album "Capture" (one of the "Parallel Series" released for 0101). LUNA PARC HOTEL contains ten original tunes plus a cover of David Bowie's "The motel" (from "Outside"). Musically Olivia recalled me some ambient Björk tracks while her vocal style can remember an hybrid of French singers (like famous Chansonnier Serge Reggiani or Yves Montand) and a whispering jazz singer. The music follow the same style by creating ambient pop songs where what is missing is more important than what is shown. I'll try to explain: there are different vocal tracks that duet with the music that is formed by ambient layers, broken rhythms, light sounds. The elements are chosen randomly (apparently) but they create a rich texture that sound empty or essential but it is not. The slow rhythms help into the creation of an anxious atmosphere that make you think about an abandoned Luna Park. Charming album but it needs the right mood to be enjoyed.

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