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Artist: ST.RIDE (@)
Title: Piume che cadono
Format: CD
Label: Lixard/Zeit Interface (@)
Rated: *****
Surprirse, surprise! Despite coming completely (at least for me) out of the blue, St.ride played one of the most comfortable trip I've experienced during the last months. Before getting the cd for a review I've happened to see them live and it was good, but "Piume che cadono" goes much beyond my expectations. This duo creates the magic using acoustic instruments, digital music and concrete sounds, it's more or less electronic music married with acoustic sounds (but not yet electro-acoustic" music) but with a sincere personal touch. St.ride's own peculiarity on this album the skill with which they stitch this analogue-digital texture on a quasi melodic framework, and in the most of these splinters "experimentalism" is subdued to a something that goes really close to what we may call a song. Sometimes they have simple rhythmical pattern that's coming and going (Domenica mattina), somewhere else they play with the softest reminiscence of a childish sound a la Matmos/Mouse on Mars, (Il periodo delle h messe) but there's a lot more to be found between the twenty particles of this recollection. The micro, post-morriconian fragments reminded me of Tortoise in an avanguardist salsa (Se perdo me), and why not, ad some early isolationist influences Mainesque atmospheres (La tromba della pace) and you have a part of the recipe. I think to make a picture of this release you should try to imagine Matmos' "A chance to cut is chance to cure" broken into some minimal and fragmented episodes on which St,ride sprayed an electronic patina and than think there's a soundtrack feeling that brings gently ashore during the sailing. If you've always been joining the ranks of those thinking many experimental musicians are too frigid in the constant strain to make it all sound "bizzarre"...if you're one of those thinking the fusion between experimental music and what can be called "melody" is the hardest path of all: that's an exhibit for your severe judgement.

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