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Feb 15 2006
Artist: IONIC VISION (@)
Title: Actual
Format: CD
Label: Machineries Of Joy/COP Int.
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Belgium hard hitters No. 1 strike straight and steady back! Again released under their very own sublabel Machineries Of Joy, a COP side-label, they present us here their officially 9th release. And I can say it in advance, there are not to many changes in the music of Sven Lauwers and Andy De Decker. They still spread out their vision of Neo Body Music, how they do call it. For the very few of you who haven’t heard anything from this duo in the past 14 years, they are one of these old school EBM bands mainly influenced by classic and veteran acts like NITZER EBB, old POUPPEE FABRIKK or PARANOID. Hard ripping bass lines, combined with a steady kick and snare work and a male shouter following the "muscle-hate-machine" theme – currently this old formula receives a lot of success and attention, especially with a look on both acts recording for the Out Of Line label, SPETSNAZ and PROCEED. IONIC VISION in between set the measuring lath of quality on a very high level. "Actual" is for sure their best piece so far and I don’t say this because it is the newest. A lot of people still have their official full length debut "Rage Against The Acoustic" released back in 1996 on Celtic Circle Productions in a good memory. "Actual" is against to this classic the perfect combination between the old roots with the modern technically possibilities of today - from the first to the last track here is no real filler. IONIC VISION have reached the top of what is possible with this kind of music – thanks also to the excellent studio work of the hidden third member of the band, brother Louis Z. So you’ll get here the full dose of 100 % EBM music inspired by the veterans of this genre. It is impossible to sit still with this music – get it!

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