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Title: Elements Of Silence
Format: CD
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****

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I know that there are tons of German bands that produce good industrial danceable e.b.m. but the second album by Pride And Fall in my opinion is a little gem of the genre. Their sense of melody is really good and they are able to create powerful distorted dance tunes with sing a long melodies. Try to listen to tracks like "Rectrospect" or the single "Border" and try to prove me wrong. Normally the bands that have an high amount of melody in their music try to sell themselves out by focusing their efforts only on looking for simple melodies, but in the case of our three Norvegian guys I think it must be something normal to create such catchy songs. Only "Pathogen" didn't convinced me that much (it was a sort of metal song played only with synths) but the other tracks are really good. "The guilding light" with its five minutes and half it is an instrumental electro ballad that break the ambience created by the other distorted tracks and show the skills of the band which is able to create different ambience and it is open to experiment a little within the e.b.m. genre. After that one you find a gem: "Ego". It is a catchy track where saw waves sounds cut your ears in two while other keayboards create a web of ambient sound that exalt Sigve vocals. You won't regret the purchase of ELEMENTS OF SILENCE, you bet!

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