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Artist: LARVA (@)
Title: Diogenes Sindrome
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
This is the debut release of a new project hailing from Barcelona, Spain, consisting of four members – and also another proof that Spain has to offer here and there some talents behind the known CULTURE KULTÜR, PAIL or ALLIED VISION. The presented 10 tracks on this release here spin a wide range of diverse styles, ranging mainly from minimal EBM structures ("Ojos Secos") to some experimental, up to Powernoise-like efforts ("Larvas I", "Larvas II"). There is also space for some good Dark Electro themes with a remarkable melodic infiltration like on "Religion", as well as a scary, intense and slowed down track like "No Soy Nada", which is my favorite here. This act shows its talent – but there’s for sure a lot of room for some improvements, timing and recording quality aren’t fully convincing here. They are looking for label to get signed, but I would say that this would come a bit to early for them. This CD can be more seen as a first demo output to the audience and I would like to advise them to use the possibilities to get on some compilations at first. Be sure and check also back their nice web shop where they offer some nice shirts, stickers and this CD of course.

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