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Aug 20 2002
Title: Buried A- Live
Format: CD
Label: Out Of Line
Distributor: Audioglobe
Active since 1995 Terminal Choice passed through different phases from the early industrial e.b.m. of "Totes Fleish", "In The Shadow Of Death" and "Khaosgott" 'til the late nineties club friendly guitar e.m.b. A lot of fans didn't dig how Terminal Choice's music changed. Personally I think that "Navigator" and "Venus" are good records even if the last E.P. "Collective Suicide" disappointed me. Anyway, let's talk about this live CD. BURIED A-LIVE is a collection of eleven tracks recorded directly from the mixer (or at least the sound is that one) during 2001/2002 live gigs. If you love the later sounds of the band you won't disappointed even if the recording doesn't catch the power of the gig indeed. Along with a video of "Der Schwarze Mann" live in Leipzig you can find eleven tracks: "Armageddon", "Collective Suicide", "Time", "Sons Of Doom", "The Saviour", "Castles In The Sky", "Der Schwarze Mann", "New World", "Deathfuck", "Someone" and "Dämonen".

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