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Title: Zeno
Format: CD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
Shangai surprise!! Here comes the debut solo of Mattia Coletti from Sedia fame, I've never been so much into that band even thought they're a good combo, but this solo album is completely different and above all damn good. To avoid any misunderstanding consider, differently from his mother band band, "Zeno" is an acoustic record borne out of psych-folk/weird-folk, the most of the song are guitar driven and this cd features outer space ballads coming from the seventies, neo-freaksters keep reading!. While playing this psychedelic-melodies many names came to my mind, basically: Red Krayola, John Fahey, Syd Barret, Devendra Banhart and obviously his mentor, mr. Marc Boland (no glam trip please, it's just for some vocal parts). I was also tented to mention Nick Drake, but Coletti is not so easy listening even if his music is relaxing. I think the fusion of every single musician I've mentioned gives the proper picture of the resulting whole, but for the youngster reading Chain dlk let's say this could recall Tim Kinsella during his weird acoustic trips relative to Joan of Arc. An high quality recording helps the songwriting to reach its full potential and some interesting arrangements define each particular of this album. Acoustic, freak and relaxing, good work.

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