Music Reviews

Artist: Yuko Nexus6 (@)
Title: Nexus6 Song Book
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
I sit here frustrated at my work desk and looking for some form of escape I reach into my pile of releases waiting for review and my hands found this: Yuko Nexus6 "Nexuss Song Book". The CD is professionally pressed and the artwork has a nice vibe to it. Kind of aloof and casual. Original lyrics and English translations are included in the booklet which allow non-Japanese listeners to appreciate more than just the textural nature of the works thereby giving some insight into her actual intentions. Yuko Nexus6 should appeal immediately to fans of Michael Patton's self-titled solo works looking for extreme vocal experimentation and manipulation with a slightly less caustic edge to it... sometimes even a downright peaceful vibe. Drifting the edges of noise to lullaby, this release will not likely appeal to the casual listener of experimental music but more to those who've taken the time to appreciate the silence between the edits. While I appreciate the collage work on the release I find myself wanting to hear the material originally used for the collage instead of the collage itself... but maybe that's the point. It certainly has me focusing more on the music than I would more accessible releases. All in all it's a fine release with interesting material that comes across relatively pure and not too conceited. Stand out tracks are "Lazy Bones", "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and "Tetsudoh Shoka"

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