Music Reviews

Title: Sputter
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Differently from the recording with Zerang and Malozzi this performance is more relaxed and ambiental, but please take what I've said with a grain of salt. This piece is gently proportioned, both for the trumpet of Birgit Ulher and also thanks to the "electricism" of Gino Robair. Every improvisation is a voyage and this one is definitely a relaxed one if compared to the troubled trip with Zerang and Malozzi. Softness is the driving force and no one of the players, despite some fast eruption, has the need to rush to go anywhere. "Timoger's formula" for example is reduced to some long singular "blow"/noise, that's the good thing, it emphasizes the strength thru self-discipline, nothing scratches the surface and the "piece" flows slowly like a quiet river. The central part of the record is soft and elusive (Burble), but even where Ulher and Robair go for some tension (Loarchfillet) it's completely in control. I imagine many could get bored to death by such a record, but the idea to keep improvisation and solos controlled to me is a demonstration of "wisdom". This duo passes from odd tracks (The downy monsters) to performance well pierced with silence, by the way the typical abstractism of Creative Sources remains the dominant therefore take your pillow and have a comfortable sleep. Bushido for improvisational-performers?.

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