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Artist: Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader
Title: TransFiguration
Format: CD
Label: Electroshock (@)
When I found out that Artemiev and Frohmader were working together I wasn't surprised at all, it all made perfectly sense to me! Peter Frohmader is known for playing his guitars and basses over layers of keyboards, long lush synth chords and sequences but never throwing away the beat. This is what happened in this case too, but it sounds like the german composer has also added more keyboards, to those already laid down by his Russian companion, thus widening the rich sound palette that "TransFiguration" is based by and originated from. Considering that it took the couple almost an entire year to achieve this, it sounds like they never met and instead mailed each other the tracks some way until done. This is their second collaborative work (after "Space Icon", from two years ago). The five tracks are numbered and vary in length, ranging from a little over five minutes and a half to almost half an hour. Detailed and outlined beat structures and sytnh/synth-bass lines make for an easier approach to Artemiev's musical art. A pleasing experience that combines electronics, atmospherics, rock, ambient, fusion, experimental music and more, all nicely driven by rhythms and sound sequences. Considering how many genres converge in "TransFiguration" it is probably safer to just say that it represents a very good example of what electro-acoustic avant-garde, two terms often used to describe Electroshock releases, is or can be.

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