Music Reviews

Title: Lost
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Penumbra
Rated: *****
Penumbra is a new sublabel of Oophoi's Umbra, releasing shorter works by ambient musicians. "Lost" is a single 22-minute track of Alessandro Tedeschi's extraordinary project (here at processed field recordings, loops and voice), with Fiorenza Gherardi de Candei at chant and lyrics. The experiment (i.e. adding sung vocals to an isolationist ambient soundscape) is quite risky, but the two artists luckily match very well, and Tedeschi has skillfully chosen how to distribute Gherardi de Candei's distant vocal melodies and the anguished spoken text which dominates the last minutes. I know the "mix X and Y" thing is lame, but try and imagine Mick Harris' desolate drones in the "Murder Ballads" series crossed with Lycia at their bleakest, and you'll get close to the atmosphere of this successful ep.

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