Music Reviews

Artist: Verplanken
Title: The Missing Tracks
Format: CD EP
Label: Marie-Line T Discovery (@)
Rated: *****
Way more inscrutable and abstract than their previous release Autopsy of a Dream, Verplanken's 5-song follow-up EP The Missing Tracks is to say the least something of a non sequitur. "Voyage" and "Island," tracks one and three, resemble nothing so much as an atonal wash of sound reminiscent of the Hafler Trio or Brian Eno's ultra-minimal Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks album. Unlike Autopsy, there are no drums or rhythms of any kind. Not at all a bad recording as far as sound quality goes, and if echoey synth and disjointed bass patterns float your boat; but make no mistake, these Missing Tracks are definitely not party music.

Fripp-like guitar treatments on track two, "On the Edge," do little to dispel the disappointment one feels at complete lack of kinship with prior Verplanken work. Instead of bouncing along while exploring a whimsical and amusing new planet, we're cast adrift in space.

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