Music Reviews

Artist: Headscan
Title: Lolife
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Art Of Fact (@)
Rated: *****
Headscan is back with a new single called "Lolife" from their new winter 2005 release "Pattern Recognition". Providing distinct harsh vocals and electronic industrial hard dancefloor beat that'll make you bob your head and move your body. Even the bassline is catchy and definitely funky. Also include two remix version by Interlace and Famine. Interlace version is intense and aggressive while Famine gives their impressive sound that's dark, cold and haunting on a slow movement pace and end the track on the noise edge. Also include on the cd single is "Concrete Insects" that have a noise atmospheric soundscape with things going on that's totally sounds like insect creatures moving and communicating. The industrial noise effect sounds morelike a helicopter and/or some type of machinery equipment. Also the sound of the siren that comes on before the end of the track.

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