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Artist: DAVANTAGE (@)
Title: Global Badlands
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Distributor: Triton
A short time after the "No candle light" ep (see archive), here's the new full length by the German trio. Listening to the ep, I thought this work would be more melodic and singalong, but it actually resembles much "Virus: Hate" in its preference for mid-tempos and gloomy, heavy atmospheres, with davaNtage's characteristic low, unfiltered vocals. Only "Crisis" has a faster pace, and the catchiest tune along with "No candle light", while other tracks opt for a darker and more meditative approach. All lyrics (which, oddly enough, are written by an external collaborator) are very political and are mostly focused on globalization, market policies, riots and international crisis; one exception being "Coldest Place", which, if I'm not wrong, is inspired by the tragedy of the Kursk submarine in Russia. All comes out very honest and straight from the heart; it's somehow nice to see that davaNtage put a lot of effort in conveying a message and not just throwing off some rhythms. The layout, by EchoRausch, is a mix of hi-tech design and small real life photos accompanying the lyrics - not my cup of tea, but it works and is quite adequate to represent the band's mix of technology and political message.

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