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Title: Sleepwalk (The Awakening)
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Accession-Records (@)
Distributor: Indigo
Rated: *****
This is a new and special limited edition of 1000 exemplars of this Danish/German friendship project. They are already active since more than 10 years, started as a solo effort by Torben Schmidt, who is also the label chief of the German Infacted-Recordings. With his decision to place Jimmy Machon of the Danish Electro/Metal-Crossover act GODHEADS as a permanent singer, he later on earned that respect and recognition this project earns finally. So this new sign of activity behind this is long awaited and LoE supporters will catch this limited edition ASAP. I personally have some issues with the presented stuff here which I don’t like to hide. This Maxi-CD consists only of the title plus a cover version of a Rock classic of Chris Isaac’s "Wicked Game". The title track itself is a good and remarkable one, here presented in four different versions. I like the decent bass line sequencing richly presented in the original version, but also the SUPREME COURT remix is well arranged. I find it a bit unnecessary to offer here this track in four different versions, the more I must ask the sense and meaning behind this cover version. Well, Jimmy proves here that he is able with his nice voice to start a serious competition to the original, but I rather expect to see LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA to be guests at the next episode of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" or a different casting show. With this cover they would have winning chances! So if this act counts to your personal favorites, you’ll then have to hurry up to get it (note: it is limited to only 1000 exemplars worldwide...). I personally think that this release is globally a bit thin, especially in times of a economical recession in a scene filled with students and jobless employers – and so with a limited budget. I hope that both, audience and band will think on this term...

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