Music Reviews

Title: Coax Wal Plate
Format: CD
Label: Audiobot
Rated: *****
Chefkirk's nth disc is released by Audiobot, currently one of the most prolific noise/experimental labels around, and as usual there's a brilliant screen-printed cover, this time featuring a sort of psychedelic skull belching poisonous industrial fumes. Besides that, this is more of the same in Chefkirk's discography: digital noise which is probably created by filtering various pre-recorded sounds through a series of plug-ins. It's hectic, fast but only occasionally interesting or engaging for my jaded ears, though more complex and elaborated tracks, like "Congenital insensitivity to anxiety, fear and depression" (by the way, Chefkirk always has some of the best titles), could be the backbone of more solid releases. As it is, I'm afraid it gets a bit lost in the global noise bunch.

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