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Title: Volk Und Armee
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain
Rated: *****
Ideally linked to their album "Feindflug [4.V.]" VOLK UND ARMEE ("Nation and Army...") brings, after three years since their last album "Hirnschlacht", the band towards a new chapter of their new industrial danceable instrumental music. The fourteen tracks of the album work like a personal musical comment to the facts of World War II. The tracks titles mainly deal with things that commonly make people think about the craziness and cruelty of a war (see "Ak47" or "Gulag") or recall images that are in everybody's mind (titles like "Neue sieger" - "New winners" or "Sperrfeuer" - "Defensive fire"). Musically the tracks are built around a core of industrial e.b.m./techno where simple melodic lines (played mostly by synth strings) are overwhelmed by distorted and saturated drums. If it wasn't for the cover and the titles I wouldn't think about war but if you use this CD along with a documentary about WWII it could work well.

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